Self-Advocacy for Higher Education: A Step-by-Step Workbook

College is stressful. Getting accommodations should not be.

Self-Advocacy in Higher Ed: A Step-by-Step Workbook was designed to help students with learning disabilities prepare to self-disclose in college and obtain the accommodations they need. 


Ideal to be used by parents, students, and educators. The workbook’s step-by-step process will help students develop the self-awareness and knowledge needed to move through the accommodation process easily.


This workbook is used as a stand-alone resource. However, for the best results, use this workbook in conjunction with the book and our web-based programs.


Note that as a stand-alone resource, more work may be necessary to obtain the information needed to proceed.


For the best results, students should work collaboratively with a parent, a trusted teacher, or special education teacher to complete this workbook. The collaborative effort will help lay the groundwork to work collaboratively with disability staff in college. 


With repeated practice answering the workbook questions, at the end of the process, the result will be a student who is knowledgeable, self-aware, and prepared to self-advocate for the accommodations they need. 

Please note that this is a downloadable PDF that can be printed at home or school. Nothing will be physically mailed to you.

The workbook comes with a single-use license. For school-wide licenses, please contact

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